53.6203, -9.8603 Approximately 80kms / 1.5hours from Galway, take the N59 north for 43kms to Maam Cross. From Maam Cross continue north on the R336 for 21kms to Leenaun. From Leenaun take the N59 west for approximately 7 kms where you will see a sign post for Tully Cross, take this road for approximately 8kms to Killary Harbour Hostel / Rosroe Pier.


 Entering the water from the pier, head north towards the centre of the valley if you are looking for a bit of depth (the seabed goes down to about 40m). Alternatively head north east for about 200m where you should find the remains of a trawler (MFV Rath Connla) which sank here sank in here 2007 . The wreck lies in about 16m and is marked by a mooring buoy attached to its bow.  This is a working pier so look out for overhead traffic.


Tide, swell and wind forecasts for nearby Carrowniskey Beach are available  here. 


Keem Bay in Mayo is approximately 112kms away via the N59 (north) and the R319. 

Coral Beach, in Galway  (53.2489, -9.6297) is approximately 65km away via the N59/R336.  This beach dive is suitable for beginners, with depths of up to 10m and usually good visibility.

Bother na Bui, Galway is approximately 70kms away via the N59 (south) and the R336. 



The nearest RNLI station is Achill approximately 35kms away (Ph: 098-45612), the Irish Coast Guard can be contacted by phoning 999 or 112.


Water Temperatures in the west coastaverage 15c/54f  from June to October, and can vary from a low of  11c/52f  in early June, to highs of 18c/64f or 19c/66f degrees in July and August.  Temperatures average 11c/52f degrees from March to May, varying from lows of down to 8c/46f  in early March to highs of up to 15c/59f in late May. Temperatures average around 10 degrees in wintertime (Nov to Feb), varying from  up to  13c/55f in early November, to down to 8c/46f in January or February.   These are surface level temperatures,  water temperature 10m down will typically be a couple of degrees lower.