GPS 54.2734N, -9.2086W

About 250kms / 3 hours from Dublin. Take exit 7 on the M50 on to the M4 / N4  to Longford (about 90kms). From Longford take the N5 90kms west to Swinford. At Swinford take the N26 to Ballina and then the R314 to Killala. Stay on the R314 through Killala and about 3kms beyond watch out for a sign post for Kilcummin Harbour to the right (just after a bridge). The Harbour is about 5 kms from there.



A very nice shoredive when conditions are good. Use the steps at the end of the pier to enter and exit the water. From the pier head directly out for about 50m to where the rocky seabed is replaced by sand, then drop down to about 12m and follow the rock face east for a  hundred meters or so  before turning around an heading back to the pier. You can expect to see lots of urchins on this dive, as well as starfish and lobsters.


Tide, swell and wind forecasts for nearby Lacken Bay are available here. 


Portacloy,  also in Mayo, is approximately 1hour away, heading west on the R314.

Scotch Port, (54.2557, -10.0761), and French Port (54.2411, -10.074) are two shore dive sites on the Belmullet Peninsula, also about an hour (take the R313 /R314).  Scotch port is particularly sheltered, visibility is usually good here due to the stony sea bed.   

If you are heading towards County Sligo, you might like to try diving at Mullaghmore.  which is about 1hr 45mins/110 kms away via the N59 / N4 , though this is a very exposed site and only diveable in very calm conditions. 


The nearest RNLI station is about 90kms away at Belmullet (097-82072), the Irish Coast Guard can be contacted by phoning 999 or 112.


Water temperatures around the north-west coast average around 14c/52f from June to October, varying from lows of around 10f/50c in early June and late October, to highs of 18c/64f or 19c/66f in July and August. Temperatures average around 10c/50f from March to May, varying from lows of down to 8c/46f in early March to highs of up to 15c/59f in late May.

Temperatures average around 10c/50f in wintertime, varying from up to 14c/57f in early November to lows of 7c/44f in January or February.

These are surface temperatures, water temperature 10m down will typically be a couple of degrees lower.