About 50 minutes from the Dublin Airport interchange on the M50. Take the M1 north for abouth 26 kms , take exit 7 onto the R162 Drogheda road. Turn right onto the R167 after crossing the bridge in Drogheda M51 – turn left after about 1 km onto the L2307, take another left after about 300m, then a further 300m on, turn right onto the R167 – remain on this road for approximately 6 kms until you see a road to then right to Clogherhead Village. In the centre of the village you will see a sighpost for Port Oriel - the Pier is about 1km down that road.


Enter the water at the slipway and head to the right / east remaining within the harbour walls. The sea bed here is quite silty so visibility is not very reliable. Best dived at high tide, expect depths of up to 6 or 7 meters. Also suitable for a night dive. This is a working pier so there may be over head traffic.


Tide, swell and wind forecasts for the Clogherhead area are available here....


Dalky Sound just south of Dublin city is about 90 mins away via the M1 / M50, heading further south from Dublin on the M11, there are convenient shore dive sites at Greystones and Bray Head. 


The nearest RNLI station is Clogher Head, which can be contacted at 041-982 2600, the Irish Coast Guard can be contacted by phoning 999 or 112. 


Water temperatures around the east coast average around 14c/52f from June to October, varying from lows of around 9f/48f in early June, to highs of 18c/64f or 19c/66f in July and August. Temperatures average around 9c/48f from March to May, varying from lows of down to 6c/42f in early March to highs of up to 13c/55f in late May.Temperatures average around 10c/50f in wintertime, varying from up to 13c/55f in early November to lows of 7c/44f in January or February.

These are surface temperatures, water temperature 10m down will typically be a couple of degrees lower.