Ireland has 5,600 thousand kms of coastline and some of the best scuba diving sites in Europe, but unfortunately there is very little information available about them. 

As a keen 'fair weather/shallow water' scuba diver, there is nothing I like more than to jump in my car when conditions are good and head to the shore to spend 40 minutes or so exploring the beautiful world just beneath our waves. I have set up to provide what I hope will be a useful basic tool to assist like minded divers in finding and diving Ireland's best shore dive sites.  I haven't dived all of the sites  mentioned here so if you have any useful tips or safety advice on any of them  I would be grateful if you could let me know via the suggestions page. 

Also, if there are any other good shore dive sites that you are aware of which are not mentioned here, I would be grateful if you could let me know so that they can be added to the site.  

Please note that this site is intended for people experienced in diving around our shores. If you haven't previously dived in cold water consider doing an orientation course first and make sure your first few dives are with suitably qualified and experienced divers.  

Thanks, and safe diving....